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Franciscan Mission Associates - Mt. Vernon, New YorkThe General Organization of Franciscan Mission Associates

Enrollments & Devotions

The goals of Franciscan Mission Associates are to help explain the work of the missions; to encourage prayer, support, and vocations for God's work; and to bring spiritual benefits to its members. It fosters prayers and good works among its members through regular monthly contacts.

The Benefits of Giving - A year-end contribution to FMA gives you the opportunity to select the amount of your deduction, to schedule the timing of your gift, and to determine the type of contribution you will make - options few other deductions provide.

Franciscan Mission Sponsors - All Franciscan Mission Sponsors and their special intentions are remembered in the daily prayers and Masses of our friar missionaries. You will benefit from their good works as you make them possible.

Estate Planning - When you leave a share of your estate to Franciscan Mission Associates, you practice the Works of Mercy.

Becoming a Supporter - Support the continuing Mission and Ministry of Franciscan Mission Associates to provide the Spiritual and Financial assistance for the Missions and ministries of the Friars of the Franciscan Province of the Immaculate Conception.

St. Anthony's Mission League - You, members of your family, and friends, both living and deceased, can be permanently associated with the St. Anthony Mission League of Franciscan Mission Associates.

Christmas Mass Enrollment - Use our Christmas Mass enrollment card to send your special prayer blessings to friends and loved ones.  They will be enrolled during the Christmas Season and throughout the New Year in Franciscan Mission Associates and will share spiritually in the Masses, Prayers and Apostilic Labor of all our Franciscan Friars and in the Novena of Masses that will begin on Christmas Day.

Perpetual Enrollments - You and members of your family, both living and deceased, can be permanently associated with the Franciscan friars by perpetual enrollments in both the Franciscan Missionary Union and in the Franciscan Benefactors' Association.


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