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Franciscan Mission Associates - Mt. Vernon, New YorkThe General Organization of Franciscan Mission Associates

Gifts At Work

The Mission and Ministry of Franciscan Mission Associates is to provide the Spiritual and Financial assistance for the Missions and ministries of the Friars of the Franciscan Province of the Immaculate Conception, with headquarters in New York City.

St. Anthony's Burse - Educating and Assisting Young Seminarians - Not every home is fortunate enough to count a Priest among its children, but every family can have its "own Priest" by helping a student towards the Sacred Priesthood. Your family can have its "own Franciscan Father" by contributing to St. Anthony's Burse, thus sharing the upkeep of a student.

Medical Aid for the Poor and Sick in Mission Lands - Both young children and the aged are suffering from terrible diseases seldom heard of in our own country. Yes they can be cured and their lives saved with proper medical attention in our missions.

Franciscan Missions in Central America - The Franciscan Missions in Central America depend on you more than you realize. Our friar Missionaries depend on you for your spiritual and material support to carry on the mission task. By word and sacrament as well as by their example in care of the poor and afflicted, our friars are God's representatives and yours.

Franciscan Milk Fund for Mission Children - Help a child today to be stronger in body and mind, better able to resist germs and parasites, and to develop the way God intended all children to grow.

Franciscan Missionaries - Franciscan Missionaries meet the poor and afflicted living in hovels with dirt floors and leaking straw roofs each day. They see the sick children, mothers without food, fathers without work and children in rags without strength to pray or learn.

St. Anthony's Bread - The excellent expression of devotion to St. Anthony, known as St. Anthony's Bread, goes back to the Thirteenth Century. It has been a source of many favors and graces, and has also been of great aid to the poor and the needy.

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