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Saint of the Month

St. Francis continued..

Francis remains among the greatest mystics the Church has produced, a man who truly united his life with Jesus (he was the first to receive the stigmata, the wounds of the Lord's Passion, on his own body).

Francis experienced the world which God created as holy people, animals, plant life, the cosmos. And he opened all our eyes to that loving presence of God.

Francis, both brave and foolish as the world sees things, talked to the world's powerful -but he mostly walked among lepers, lonely children, and God's holy poor, on behalf of the Good Shepherd.

And Francis founded a new kind of church community, the Franciscans, a religious order that still lives wherever God's people long to know their heritage as children of God.

But perhaps what makes Francis so loved in every age is the way he prayed and taught others to pray. For St. Francis experienced Jesus risen and living in our hearts - if only we opened the door and let Him in.

St. Francis, be our model and guide as we come to the Lord in prayer.

You are invited to join in the two Solemn Novenas of Masses and Prayers.


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