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St. Mark continued..

With the exception of St. Bede, none of the great fathers wrote commentaries on Mark. At that time he was regarded mostly as an abbreviator of Matthew, since almost the only passages found exclusively in Mark are the "ephatha" miracles (7:31-37), the curing of the blind man to whom men looked like trees walking (8:22-26), and the parable of the seed growing of itself (4:26-29). He is especially gifted as a story teller, sensitive to concrete detail. His purpose was to reveal to the pagan world the Good News that Jesus was the Son of God. A characteristic of his gospel is that Jesus tends to conceal his Messianic dignity until his trial and that He is recognized as Son of God only at his death.

Venice claims his body and venerates him as patron. His emblem, among the four beasts of Ezekiel, is the lion.

Taken from Lives of Saints: Daily Readings, by Augustine Kalberer O.S.B. Copyright © 1983 by Franciscan Herald Press

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