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St. Monica continued..

Her son Augustine was a constant concern for this patient and forgiving mother. Brilliant and likable, Augustine, much to Monica's dismay, took after his father - refused to accept baptism and began saying the Manichean heresy was right and Christians wrong. For years Monica prayed, fasted and cried silently into her pillow for the wasted, dissolute life her oldest was leading.

God was listening. He heard and finally answered these prayers of this faithful mother. Augustine, abandoning his sinful ways, accepted Baptism from the great preacher, scholar and Doctor of the Church, St. Ambrose of Milan, on Easter Sunday, 387 A.D.

Augustine's mother, St. Monica died shortly after at the age of 55, secure in the knowledge that he son had heard God's call and her work on earth was finished.

St. Monica is the patroness of troubled parents, married women and widows. Her feast is celebrated in the Church on August 27th.

You are invited to join in the two Solemn Novenas of Masses and Prayers.


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